About Myself


My name is Yun Jeong Park (everyone calls me Sally) and I am from South Korea. I’m a senior studying Communication Studies at the University of Michigan. I went to high school in Korea and decided to pursue a undergraduate degree in the States. This year, 2016, marks my 5th year in America. From every since I was young, I wanted to be an anchor or a repunspecifiedorter, so I decided to study Communication, specifically focusing on Journalism. Last year, I decided to take a gap year and did three different internships back in Korea. I had the opportunity to work at the biggest PR company in Korea called KPR as well as the Communications Department at Kakao, Korea’s #1 mobile messaging application company. Lastly,  I was an intern news reporter at a broadcasting company called JTBC. As a reporter, I was a member of a team called “Fact Check” in the Newsroom. It allowed me to view news stories with a more critical perspective and taught me to view consumer news more carefully. Ultimately, it was a great opportunity to experience different fields in Communication and broadened my views on society and news in the world.

(I had chances to interview and interpret many celebrities’ interviews. The first image is when I was meeting with Alain De Botton who is a British writer, and the next one is with Russell Crowe when he came to Korea to advertise his new film.)


* Interview: Alain de Botton about his book “The News: A User’s Manual”

When I was in Korea, I tried hard to watch television news and read newspaper to follow up the trend and different reporting styles. Since when I was young, I usually watch television news with my parents, so I had a habit to watch night news to close out my day. My parents still try their best to watch television news to keep up what happened during a day. However, for me, when I moved back to America, I usually consume the news through social media services or online news websites. To track both recent news in Korea and America, I read Korean news via online news platform. About news in the U.S., breaking news is consumed by each news channel that I follow on Facebook. For more depth news stories, or video, I directly go to NYT or CNN website. Because of college life is busy, I do not spend separate time to read newspaper or television news. News via social media is much faster and easy to read, so I prefer to read online news.

(Screenshots of CNN Facebook page & BuzzFeed Food page)

According to my recent methods of consuming news online, I want to focus on “changes of news in social media” in my blog over the semester. Many news channels and website started using their Facebook page or Twitter account to release the breaking news. People are getting the news more from social media rather than actual news websites or traditional platform, such as TV or radio. Especially I want to focus how college students consume the news through social media and interact with people. Not only in the news field, I’m interested in college students’  the general usage of social media as well. I hope to find some changes in social media and the way people get the stories in society from the past to nowadays.

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